3 Steps for your unique life 'Path to Happiness'

Dr. Shri. Chandrashekhar Guruji is an evolved soul. He has been guiding people on the ‘Path to Happiness’ over last 2 decades through his mission of Manava Abhivruddhi. Millions of lives have experienced positive changes across life stages related to children’s development, career, marriage, business, wealth and health.

Step 1: Connect With Guruji

People who have got connected with Guruji have experienced positive transformation in their life within 7 – 180 days.

  • Individuals suffering from critical illness like cancer have been able to witness positive recovery
  • Family members who had been separated for years have been reunited
  • Parents facing social stigma due to delayed marriage of their children have been able to get their children married
  • Children who had struggled to pass their examinations have been able to excel
  • Businesses which have been bankrupt have revived and are witnessing growth

Get connected with Guruji and begin your unique ‘Path to Happiness’.

Step 2: FOLLOW the Unique Life Path

Every individual has a unique life journey and obstacles are a part and parcel in one’s life. The root cause of the obstacles is the imbalance of the energy in our house and workplace. You can harmonise this energy by just connecting through directions, balance it through structure and channelize it through our seven chakras. Guruji shows a unique path to every individual so that you can lead a happy life.

Seek guidance on your unique life path from Guruji.

Step 3: RECEIVE whatever you want in 7 to 180 days

By connecting with Guruji and by following your unique path, you set the stage for lifelong happiness, wellbeing and prosperity for your entire family.

You can truly Receive whatever you want in your life within 7 to 180 days


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