Path to Happiness

Guruji is an evolved soul and just by getting connected with him, you can begin your "Path to Happiness". Every individual has a unique life journey and obstacles are a part and parcel in one's life. Guruji has guided people that by following 3 Steps you and your family can start your journey to lead a happy life.

Over 50 lakh followers have experienced positive transformation in their life within 7 - 180 days.

Young Guruji

Dr. Shri. Chandrashekhar Guruji, was born into a humble family at Bagalkot district of Karnataka to Late Shri. Virupakshappa & Smt. Neelama Angadi. Since childhood, he was always motivated and wanted to do something for the nation and make his life worth.

At the age of 16, Guruji wanted to join the Indian army and dedicate his life for the nation. He could not get selected as he did not meet the required criteria. He was disappointed but realised that he is destined for a greater cause impacting the entire humanity. After completing his Bachelor of Civil Engineering, he came to Mumbai in the year 1989.

Successful Businessman

After working for a few years with a construction company, Guruji went on to start his own company within a short period. He was running a successful construction business till in early 1999 when he faced challenges in his business and faced financial loss, despite running it in an ethical manner. He was wondering why he got cheated, when he did not cheat anybody in his life.

Guruji’s Divine Awakening

Guruji has always been intrigued by the challenges faced by people since his childhood. He once visited Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai and was very much disturbed to see the children, who were suffering from cancer. He thought that if these children had to suffer so much pain, then why they were brought into this world. At the same time he faced challenges in his business. During this period he started getting repeated dreams of a compass and a dwelling plan. He wondered why he was getting this dream repeatedly. A divine awakening struck him in the year 2000 that gave him the answer that the root cause of the life related problems like health, wealth, education and relation is due to the imbalance and impurity of cosmic energy within us and our surroundings. We should not blame anything else for it.


Manava Abhivruddhi Abhiyaan: Guruji has transformed lives of 50 lakh followers across the globe by showing them the unique "Path to Happiness & Prosperity” across life stages from education, career, marriage, business, wealth and health

Large scale village adoption programme: Agriculture is the backbone of our country and farmers are playing a vital role in producing food grains and crops for the country. Right now the life of farmers are miserable and they are not happy because of failing in getting good crop or not getting the right price for their crops. Due to this they are unable to clear debts that resulting in taking ultimate step of committing suicide. The objective of the programme is to uplift rural communities and bring in happiness and prosperity in their life achieve Manava Abhivruddhi. Under this program, 1st village adopted in Godachi, Belagavi District, Karnataka. According to Guruji, we can reap the benefits of Grama Abhivruddhi only if the community is enabled for Manava Abhivruddhi

School for underprivileged in rural areas: Started a school providing a unique environment, where the focus is to ensure overall development of the children - academically, mentally, socially, physically and emotionally

Pioneered India's 1st regional infotainment channel in Kannada: The philosophy is to educate people on art, culture, tradition across India through informative and positive content programming

Awards for Progressive Farmers: Initiated an award program to recognize and felicitate Progressive Farmers

Samuhik Vivah: Guruji believes the philosophy of whatever is earned, had to give it back to the society and he organised many mass marriages under C G Parivar foundation. The objective is to conduct mass marriage for less privileged couples so that they can marry with dignity and lead a happy life


Dr. Shri. Chandrashekhar Guruji is divine soul and always has always believed in the core philosophy of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, which means whole universe is one family. He firmly believes that most of the individuals spend their life focusing on just 'Me and my family', few spend on 'Me, my family and my society' and just a handful on 'Me, my family, my society and my nation'. As per Dr. Shri. Chandrashekhar Guruji, every person should atleast focus on 'Me, my family and my society'. This can help them to achieve ultimate happiness in their lives.