In between birth and death, everyone in this world irrespective of their religion has to cross many stages of life like children’s education, career, job, business, marriage, relationship, wealth, health, retired life, etc.

Everyone will face some or the other problems in any stage of their lives. It is the universal truth! No one is immune to this.

Don’t worry about your problems, ManavGuru will guide you and your family members to lead an Anandamay Jeevan or Happy Life.

Know the problems faced by you and your family members

(Problems related to Children’s Education, Career, Job, Business, Marriage, Relationship, Wealth, Health, Retired Life etc)

If you already have your house plan please send it to us on   86579 62054  via whatsapp.


  • Fill the below form or call us
  • Choose a suitable date and time for the video call
  • We will call you and will create the plan of your house
  • Based on your house plan, ManavGuru will predict :
  1. The life-related problems that you are facing
  2. The impact of these problems in your future
  3. The root cause of your problems

If you feel that our prediction about your life is correct then you can opt for the solution. The Fees for the solution is based on the severity of your problem and the size of your house. Our person will communicate with you about the fees.

If you are looking for the solution to your problems