Causes for unhappiness – Resetting couple goals

Causes for unhappiness – Resetting couple goals

What is marriage?

It is an accepted formal and legal arrangement where two individuals decide to spend their lives being committed to each other in an emotionally, socially and financially dependent bond.
This eternal bond should help the partners arrive at a place away from negativity, filled with progressive thoughts and mutual trust.

How do issues in marriages occur?

Happy marriages depend on the compatibility of the partners involved. The differences may seem interesting initially but can become tiring if decision making and progress are affected.
Communication is the greatest tool to ensure that the relation works smoothly. The acceptance that there will be obstacles and it is an important and essential part of life to overcome them is the basis of a healthy marriage.

Some of the core reasons for problems in marriages and the loss of connection between partners are:

  • Lack of love, commitment, trust, time, patience, respect, tolerance
  • Absence of regular, good communication
  • No compromise and no argument management, of forgive and forget
  • Not having a social life apart from each other, evaluating priorities
  • Lack of aspirations, willingness to work on the relation
  • Evaluating priorities when difficulties arise, physical/emotional closeness

Communication is the key to every relation between two strangers especially in an arranged marriage. They have agreed to enter into the agreement of a lifetime called marriage bound by certain social norms.
Every marriage will undergo some tension during its lifetime. Giving each other undivided attention, accepting the partner without asking for a change, sharing tasks at home, accepting equal responsibilities and making financial decisions together, shopping etc can improve closeness and increase mutual respect.

Successful marriages or good solutions to marriage problems according to some authors and self-help books, can sustain only if there is constant state of understanding and peace all the time. It talks about communication and peacefully talking to resolve issues.
Are these solutions even practical and sustainable? No for sure. There are pressures of work, life and home and there could be moments of tension especially if you have children and elderly who need supervision.

Small misunderstandings can affect the minds of the partners the whole day and affect the way they deal with each other and with routine life. Life can throw challenges when least predicted and that will prove detrimental for a happy married life.
Example: If a lawyer has a very important case to cross examine and there is trouble at home the mind cannot be applied to the task at hand and there can be serious errors which can start affecting the work too. Apart from the upset mood, the output at work will also be impacted. Most of the time, the root cause is neglected in the tension of the moment.

According to ManavGuru, main reason for issues in marriages is disconnect of mind, body and surrounding place with Universal Energy (God).

Since the year 2000, ManavGuru’s divine knowledge has helped reveal the path to a successful marriage just by connecting with Universal Energy (God).

The high degree of success when contacted, couples have expressed disbelief at the impact this method has made in their lives.

This Universal Energy (God) brings about calmness, clarity and an atmosphere to discuss and arrive at solutions together as partners and also prevent more hurdles from arising in future. Life will be then become more comfortable and manageable. They also will realise that long drawn traditional methods cannot be forcibly applied to resolve issues.

When dealing with relationships; treating only the mind and body and neglecting the surrounding place and Universal Energy (God) will not help.
To achieve a lasting marriage problem solution in life of the partners in the marriage; all the three i.e. the body, the surrounding place and Universal Energy (God) must connect. Unless and until there is synchronisation between these three independent entities, they cannot become one.
Scientifically speaking, the energy produced in every human body has its own vibration and the place where they reside/work also has its energy and its own vibration. Likewise, Universal Energy (God) also has its own vibration

When the partners in marriage, the place where they reside/work are connected to Universal Energy (God) through the respective vibrational frequencies; then Universal Energy (God) is automatically channelized into the body.

When Universal Energy (God) steps in to start supporting the partners in marriage, they will begin to first understand the major triggers and patterns of misunderstandings and lack of communication in the marriage. This also means that they will start addressing the issue as a team instead of applying individual attention.

Universal Energy (God) works like a guardian and manages the control over the mind and body. Once this occurs, the next phase of life undergoes a transformation and you will automatically start experiencing positive changes in your pain levels within 9 to 180 days.
They will also try and avoid trouble in the relation in future. This will help bring the partners together where communication can flourish leading to improved closeness and better married life.

Summary: Peaceful marriages are when couples discuss and arrive at solutions together and also prevent more hurdles from arising in future.

ManavGuru’s divine knowledge, is a complete solution to healthy marriage and can help change the way the relation is looked at and there is better acceptance and connect between the partners. Every couple should try once and experience the positive changes with the help of ManavGuru’s divine knowledge in just 9 to 180 days.



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