Manava Abhivruddhi

‘Manava Abhivruddhi’ means working towards becoming a better human being and Guruji’s vision has been to introduce more and more people to this life-changing concept and create a happy and helpful society. In today’s fast-paced world most of the people are focused on their personal welfare, ignoring the larger interests of the society and betterment of humankind. We all know helping and giving to fellow beings has been an integral part of human existence. Manava Abhivruddhi requires an individual to follow this inborn human nature and extend a helping hand to other fellow beings. The more we help or give, the more we seek abundance and joy in all spheres of our lives.

Village Adoption Programme

Guruji has started village adoption programme to enhance consciousness amongst people and the community at large. Guruji has uplifted the life of villagers across different life stages education, career, relationships, business, wealth and health as well as improvement in their overall quality of life.

Government of India has a vision to double the income of farmers. As a strategy to achieve the vision, Government has allocated substantial financial outlay across different areas on the agriculture input and for market linkages. Despite of all the appropriate intent of Government there is an increasing trend of farmer suicides and financial distress in the rural economy at large.

Education for Underprivileged

Guruji with the objective of upliftment of underprivileged children has set up education for spreading literacy and providing elementary education in rural areas. The BoM initiative seeks to empower the underprivileged children by not only providing them basic education but also enriching their lives In this way the children will be able to realize the presence of cosmic energy in their home, hostel, dormitory etc. They will learn how to connect, balance and channelize the omnipresent energy and get enabled to achieve their full potential. They will not only receive literacy and rudimentary education but also get enabled to concentrate or focus well on their studies by unblocking cosmic energy within and around them.

Samuhik Vivah

Samuhik Vivah or mass marriage is an initiative undertaken by Dr. Shri. Chandrashekharj Guruji. This initiative enables the underprivileged people to get married in a dignified manner. Some people belonging to underprivileged sections of our society, face challenges in getting married. Events are organized at a district level in different parts of the country for arranging group marriages of these brides and grooms. In this way Samuhik Vivah enables the less privileged people to get married and lead a blissful and dignified life.