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God or Universal Energy is a life force that exists everywhere. Once you connect with God, you can get whatever you want in your life. You can become wealthy, earn more money, etc. Experience positive results within 9-180 days. ManavGuru will help you and your family to connect with God through his divine knowledge.

Millions of families are already experiencing Anandmay Jeevan after connecting with their God

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Shri Chandrashekhar Guruji

ManavGuru Shri Chandrashekhar Guruji is a Samaritan and philanthropist. He has dedicated his entire life to the service of humanity. He is popularly known as ManavGuru by millions of his followers around the world. He is a founder of CG Parivar Foundation, a global organization
Since 2000, ManavGuru has helped people to connect with God (Universal Energy) through his divine knowledge. He has transformed the lives of more than 10 million families across the world.

The Uniqueness of ManavGuru's Guidance

It is scientific and simple process.

It is a one-time process for your house and workplace.

It does not involve any meditation, yoga, or any rituals and customs.

It does not involve any mantras or tantras

It does not involve medications, diet, or exercise

It does not involve any Prayers or religious custom

True Stories

Follow ManavGuru’s guidance and experience positive results within 9 to 180 days.

Rohidas Patre

DCP, Goa

"When I followed ManavGuru’s guidance, I started experiencing positive transformation at my workplace. To my surprise, I finally received my promotion"

Sunita Walvalkar

Teacher, Maharashtra

"Within months I could see drastic changes in my daughter’s education and she became enthusiastic about her studies and also extracurricular activities."


Teacher, Karnataka

"In just 2 months I started experiencing positive changes in my health. I felt positive, confident, healthy, and happy. I and my husband were so surprised that we couldn’t believe our ears."

Mr. Rajendra Dagade

Businessman, Maharashtra

"I was going through a financial crisis in my business. ManavGuru helped me to connect with God (Universal Energy). Within 9-180 days, I experienced changes in my financial stability and business growth."

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Universal Energy?
Universal Energy, also known as God, is the life force that surrounds us all the time. It is present everywhere e.g. home, office, sea, forest, mountain, etc.. We can get whatever we want from life when we connect with God (Universal Energy).
How can we connect with God (Universal Energy)?
ManavGuru will help you and your family to connect with God (Universal Energy) through his divine knowledge.
Is ManavGuru's Guidance related to any religion?
No! Every family in the world can receive ManavGuru’s guidance irrespective of their religion. It does not involve any rituals and philosophy of any religion.
Do I need to practice daily?
No, it’s a one-time process for your house and workplace.