Guruji's Sutras

Guruji is an divine soul, based on his in-depth life experiences and life philosophies, Guruji lays emphasis on the importance of practising the Guruji's Sutras for our Manava Abhivruddhi. Truth and honesty should lay the foundation of our life, followed by humility and gratitude to maintain our composure, helping and sharing our happiness with others to receive the abundance in the universe and achieve inner peace and ever-lasting happiness. By practising these core virtues one can progress from body consciousness to soul consciousness and enable oneself to lead a happy, prosperous, peaceful and successful life.

'Don’t cheat anybody in your life' - Be Truthful

The foundation of a blissful life can only be laid on the basis of truth and honesty. If we cheat anyone, the benefit what we will get is only for shorter period not for the longer. But this will be remain in our mind and damage our morale thereby we start losing our confidence. If we take firm decision of not cheating, it will help gaining confidence within and increase the aura. It also helps us to bond and have heartily respect with our friends, family and relatives.

Be happy, to make others happy' - Be Blissful

Happiness lies within us and we need not search for it outside of ourselves. So, when we are able to find happiness, we are able to spread this feeling to the world around and help to make a happy society.

'Do help, the needy people' - Be Helpful

In today’s world most of the individuals spend their lives focusing on just 'Me and my family', few spend on 'Me, my family and my society' and just a handful on 'Me, my family, my society and my nation'. Every person should at least focus on 'Me, my family and my society'.

To create a helpful society, we should always help the needy to attain the inner peace and happiness in our life. It is an integral part of human life. The more we help, the more we flourish and get bliss in all spheres of our lives.

'Keep your parents always happy & seek blessing from them' - Be Grateful

We should always be Grateful to all the people who have helped us shape our life, especially our parents. Parents are specially considered as living god in our life. They not only gave birth but taken care and taught us how to lead our life independent.

Their blessings and good wishes shall always act as a shield to us in our bad phase of life.

'Be humble even though you have reached an elevated position' - Be Respectful

Every person will change his attitude when he reach an elevated position in his business or in his social life. Rarely you see that few people remain same in their approach or behaviour. We will not be able to succeed in life and win the love, respect and support of our friends, family and relatives, until and unless there is an environment of respect around us.