How can you lead a Happy Married Life?

How can you lead a Happy Married Life?

An ideal marriage is a partnership between equals. Marriages are not only between the couple who take the vow of commitment to spent a life committed to trust, honesty and respect, but the extended families on both the sides also get involved.
There is nothing like a perfectly happy marriage, it is like a ‘constant work in progress’ project. It needs review, motivation and adjustment on a daily basis.
There will surely be challenges from within and outside the family; and both the partners have to be equally responsible for maintaining peace and calm in the union. The partners will evolve and define the relationship as they live and grow together towards their version of a happy marriage.

What are the factors that influence the stability of a Happy Marriage?

  1. Love and Commitment
  2. Faithfulness and Selflessness
  3. Patience, Acceptance, Respect, compassion
  4. Willingness to give time, active listening and effort
  5. Honesty and Trust
  6. Communication, appreciation and positive interaction

What are some of the common problems seen in marriages?

  1. Misunderstandings between husband and wife
  2. Thoughts of filing a divorce
  3. Misunderstandings and tiffs between in-laws
  4. No respect for each other
  5. Sadness and unhappiness in the family

According to ManavGuru people face problems in marriage when they are disconnected with God (Universal Energy) even though they are surrounded by it all the time.

Is it possible?

  • To solve the misunderstandings between couples?
  • To avoid a divorce?
  • To solve the misunderstandings with your in-laws?
  • To maintain good respect for each other?
  • To maintain a happy and peaceful environment at home?

The answer is:

Yes, it is certainly possible!
When the husband and wife are connected with God (Universal Energy) all these problems gets easily solved.

What is God (Universal Energy)?

God (Universal Energy) is a life force that surrounds us all the time. It is present everywhere, for example at home, office, cities, towns, sky, mountains, forest, sea etc.
It is known by various names such as ‘Vishwa Shakti’, ‘Praana Shakti’, ‘Vishwa Bhagwaan’, God etc.
God (Universal Energy) keeps the entire universe balanced and we exist only because of it. We can get whatever we want in our life by just connecting with this energy.

How can you connect with God (Universal Energy) to find solution for marriage related problems?

ManavGuru helps people to connect with God (Universal Energy). Since the year 2000, millions of people have connected with God (Universal Energy) by following ManavGuru’s divine knowledge. All of them received whatever they wanted in their lives and are living an Anandmay Jeevan or Happy Life.

Understand the scientific explanation of connecting with God (Universal Energy)

God (Universal Energy) has a unique vibrational frequency i.e. ‘9’. Every person has energy with some vibrational frequency and the place where the person resides or their workplace also has energy with some vibrational frequency. When both the person and place with respective vibrational frequencies are connected with Universal vibrational frequency i.e. ‘9’ then immediately God (Universal Energy) will be channelized in the body of the person and place. This helps God (Universal Energy) to be supplied to the cells in the body as and when required.
When God (Universal Energy) is supplied to trillions of cells and organs in the body of the partners; they become more energized and active. As a result every family member starts getting changes physically, mentally, financially, socially and education wise.
Then in the next 9 to 180 days the person starts experiencing positive changes such as:

  • Misunderstandings between husband and wife will be solved
  • There will be no reason for filing divorce or the divorce cases will be resolved and the couples will reconcile
  • Misunderstandings and tiffs between in-laws will be solved and there will be peace and harmony at home
  • There will be mutual respect for each other

Connection with God (Universal Energy) will restore the energy imbalance between the partners in the relationship which is the first step towards a happy married life.



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