Humanitarian Work

ManavGuru is a civil engineer by profession and has been serving humanity since last two decades.

His key initiatives are:

i) Large scale Village adaption program:

Large scale Village adaption program

In order for the rural communities to enjoy the prosperity in all aspects of their lives. ManavGuru initiated transformation from Dukhamay Jeevan (Unhappy Life) to Anandamaya Jeevan (Happy Life) and has adopted the first village Godachi – Ramadurga Taluk, Belgaum district in Karnataka.

Guruji has transformed the lives of people in over around 650 families, they got positive changes in all aspects of life within 7-180 days.

a) Excel in Education
b) Better in Job
c) Success in Business
d) Growth in Farming
e) Peaceful relationship
f) Abundant wealth
g) Good Health

ii) School for underprivileged people in Rural India:

ManavGuru setups a school for underprivileged children in B Shigigatti villege, Kalaghatagi Taluk, Dharwad district in Karnataka. An unique environment, where the focus is to ensure, children’s are developed not only academically but also developed physically, mentally and socially with the help of SOL key for Excel in Education with harnessing the power of abundant cosmic energy in the universe.

iii) Mass marriage Initiative:

Mass Marriage Initiative

The objective is to conduct mass marriage for a less privileged people, so that they can marry with a dignity and experience Happy Life.

iv) Initiative to eliminate farmers suicides:

Initiative to eliminate farmers suicides

Farmers are very hard working people compared to any others but they are not happy. Even sometime their financial condition is very worst. They unable to pay the loan, certain farmers take ultimate step in their life to attempt suicide. For Such farmers ManavGuru SECRET OF LIFE as initiative to eliminate farmer suicide. He teaches them apply SOL, how to overcome from such dangerous challenges. They applied SOL & start experiencing Anandamaya Jeevan (Happy Life) within 7-180 days. Now they are capable of paying the loan.