Kidney Stone Remedy – Knowing the Causes and Types

Kidney Stone Remedy – Knowing the Causes and Types

What is Kidney Stone or Renal Calculus?

Kidney stones are hard and excessive mineral build-up in the kidneys or the urinary tract. They are different from urinary tract infections (UTI). Kidney pain can be very disruptive and can cause uneasiness while attending to routine activities.

The type of kidney stone has direct relation to the cause:

  • Urinary tract infection-UTI (Calcium stones)
  • Avoiding/postponing urinal urges/dehydration/genetic factors (Uric acid stones)
  • Hereditary disorder Cystinuria (Cystine stones)
  • Obesity/medications/unhealthy lifestyle choices
  • Family history and genetic predisposition, thyroid issues

How do kidney stones occur?

Kidney stones are formed when the amount of crystal-forming substances like calcium, oxalate and uric acid is more than the amount that the fluid in the urine can dilute. The urine may not have crystal prevention matter and the crystals stick together. The stones vary in size and also move around causing severe pain.

Smaller kidney stones can pass out of the body on its own. Larger stones, need to be broken down in size before leaving the body or extracted through surgical intervention.
The kidney pain rises due to spasms caused by a stone stuck in the ureter and due to the urine pressure build-up in the kidney.

What are the common practices followed to treat Kidney Stone?

  • Visiting a physician/kidney specialist: Once pain is felt, the doctor is immediately contacted to prevent it from becoming serious. The doctors will recommend a sonography and will prescribe medicines/tablets or in the worse-case a surgery for stone removal. The doctors tends only to the external body and addresses the symptoms and reactions to the kidney stone. These remedies may not exactly cure the condition or may just cure it temporarily. There is a huge chance that the condition will reoccur anytime. Medical science provides no guarantee of a permanent cure.
  • Trying natural remedies for kidney stones: There are several home remedies like hydration using coconut water/barley, detoxification of body, less intake of salt and sugar, eating Indian goose berry, avoiding tomatoes etc. Do you think that the following of such stringent natural remedies can provide a cure from Kidney Stone? No, it is not as easy.

Is there any permanent solution for kidney stone?

For a complete cure and also to avoid reoccurrence we must treat not only the body but also we have to take care of our surrounding places like the house/workplace and Universal Energy (God).

When all the three i.e our body, our surrounding and Universal Energy (God) become one, then within the next 9 to 180 days, you start the recovery process. The maximum time for this full recovery is 180 days.

How does ManavGuru’s divine knowledge work scientifically?

  • The energy produced in every human body has its own vibration
  • The place where they reside/work also has its energy and its own vibration
  • Likewise, Universal Energy (God) also has its own vibration

When people, the place where they reside/work are connected to Universal Energy (God) through the respective vibrational frequencies; then Universal Energy (God) is automatically channelized into the body.

Universal Energy (God) works like a guardian and manages the control over the mind and body. Once this occurs, the next phase of life undergoes a transformation and you will start experiencing positive changes in your pain levels within 9 to 180 days.

Summary: Why don’t you try once to connect with Universal Energy (God) and experience the positive changes in kidney stone issue in just 9 to 180 days with the guidance of ManavGuru’s divine knowledge?

When you begin implementing ManavGuru’s guidance in your life, initially you need not stop the medical treatment being followed. You will see the regular progress and the medical reports will validate the improvement.

Within the next 180 days, the reports will show normal levels and you can seek advice from the medical doctor to stop all the medications.
Being disciplined about following ManavGuru’s guidance can help you maintain optimal kidney health.



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