Every religion has its own Supremo. Each family tries to align with their Supremo by going to their respective places of worship to pray and ask for happiness in their families. But still, they may not be happy. Why?

ManavGuru believes in “One God with Different Names.” Then who is the One God? We are all governed by the invisible life force of the universe, since its existence. This invisible life force is available everywhere freely and can’t be seen, but can be felt. This invisible life force is called as the Universal Supremo or Universal God or Cosmic Energy.

Power of Cosmic Energy and its importance

  • Cosmic Energy is a universal life force and it maintains the balance of the entire Cosmos.
  • Cosmic Energy is also known as the energy of supreme consciousness.
  • Cosmic Energy has an intelligence that is beyond our imaginations and we are surrounded by it everywhere and at all times.
  • Cosmic Energy is the invisible energy that makes everything possible.
  • Cosmic Energy believes that earth has positive and negative impacts on humanity. The planet produces Energy in the form of vibrational frequency. This Energy is aligned with the energy produced by our bodies and our surrounding places. This enables us to experience positivity in all stages of our lives. It also helps us to receive insights into a higher level of consciousness.

Those who follow ManavGuru’s ‘Secret of ABC’  i.e. Aligning, Balancing, and Channelizing the universal Supremo or Cosmic Energy, will start to experience the transformation from an unhappy life to a happy life and they will achieve whatever they want in their lives in just 7 to 180 days.

Have you ever wondered that your Supremo may be guiding you and your family to align with the Universal Supremo for bestowing happiness in your family forever!