ManavGuru believes in one God with different names. He places two important questions in front of every religion.

Where is God ?

The answer from everyone irrespective of their religion would be – God is everywhere.

Have you seen God ?

Everyone irrespective of the religion will have the same reply – ‘No’

Final conclusion of all religion is that God is everywhere but cannot be seen.

According to ManavGuru there is an Energy in the universe and this Energy is also present everywhere but cannot be seen.

God is everywhere but cannot be seen. Similarly Energy is everywhere and cannot be seen.

Then why can’t we call God as Energy?

God = Energy

God = Energy

Then, who is this God and which is this Energy?

In the Universe God is only ONE. We call him the Universal God.

In the Universe Energy is only ONE. We call it as Universal Energy.

Then why can’t we call Universal Energy = Universal God

Where do we connect with the Universal Energy?

We spend most of our time at home and at work i.e, around 20 hours out of 24 hours. Hence, we have to connect with Universal Energy at these two places only.

ManavGuru helps all family members to connect with the Universal Energy with his unique philosophy ‘Secret of Life’. When every family member implements ‘Secret of Life’ and follows ManavGuru’s guidance they start experiencing Anandmay Jeevan or Happy Life in 7 to 180 days.

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