Ramesh Patel

Businessman, Gujarat

We were searching for the right partner for our daughter for 3 to 4 years. Even if we found an alliance and got her engaged, the marriage process was not going forward. Financial problems were the major reason.

We were also trying to find a suitable bride for our son. But there were obstacles in that too. We would find an alliance and when both families accepted it, sometimes the kundali won’t match or the family would reject the alliance at the last moment.

We were worried about our children and their future when one day, we came to know about the SECRET OF LIFE. And when we heard that so many parents got their children married, we decided to adopt the SECRET OF LIFE and started following ManavGuru’s guidance. In a period of 3 months, we saw a vast difference in our financial problems. Our financial problems gradually got solved. As we attained financial stability, we got our daughter married with dignity and arranged a grand ceremony for her marriage.  Along with this, we also found a suitable life partner for our son and got him married too. Both my children are happily married today and are leading a very good life.

SECRET OF LIFE not only solved our financial and marriage related problems but also helped us to succeed and prosper in our business, relieved us from our health issues, and also helped my younger son to excel in his education.
We have not seen anyone in this world who can bring transformation in the lives of every family member, at the same time and that too within 7 to 180 days. This is the uniqueness of ManavGuru.

We are very happy with the transformation that happened in our lives and would like to thank ManavGuru Shri Chandrashekhar Guruji and his unique wisdom SECRET OF LIFE. I would request everyone in this world who are suffering from any kind of life-related problems to please get in touch with ManavGuru.