Marriage is one of the most significant events that people look forward to having in their lives. However, many of us face hurdles and difficulties in the life sphere of marriage with respect to:

  1. Marriage delay
  2. Husband and Wife relationship problem
  3. Relationship problems with family members or relatives
  4. Legal stage of separation or divorce
  5. Second marriage post divorce

In the past couple of decades the Indian societysociety has culturally evolved and with the liberal outlook of the younger generation, people are facing numerous challenges surrounding the institution of marriage.

Guruji is pained to see the undue suffering and unhappiness of people in the sphere of marriage and relationships. Marriage is the foundation of happy & prosperous life and if not handled properly can become a source of many other life problems. Guruji after doing in-depth research realized that marriage problem arise as a result of imbalance of energies at the unique places in the house impacting marriage & relationships. Marital problems can be addressed by adopting Saral Energy. He has showcased through numerous testimonials that the root cause of marital problems is due to imbalanced energy in account of geometry, design and placement of the house be it rented or owned.

Guruji has shown through Saral Energy how our ancestors used to spend a healthy and happy life earlier. Not only did they use to balance the structure in a right way but also follow the right directions for day to day activities like sleeping, working etc. For the sake of aesthetics, design and lifestyle trends, optimal utilisation of space, present-day architecture has been compromised.

With a vision to create happy marriages and well-being of the society, Dr. Shri. Chandrashekhar Guruji pioneered the concept of Saral Energy to enable people to achieve marital bliss. By adopting Saral Energy, one can ensure a balance of cosmic energy flow across the body and house and create necessary causes to attract life-partner, get married and build a sustainable relationship for the lifetime.

People wo have adopted Saral Energy have experienced a fundamental change in their outlook and with numerous success. Adopt Saral Energy, find a suitable life partner in a span of 7 to 180 days.