'Be happy, to make others happy' - Be Blissful

'Do help, the needy people' - Be Helpful

'Keep your parents always happy & seek blessing from them' - Be Grateful

'Be humble even though you have reached an elevated position' - Be Respectful

'Dont cheat anybody in your life' - Be Truthful

Based on his in-depth life experiences and life philosophies, Guruji lays emphasis on the importance of practising the Saral Sutras for our Manava Abhivruddhi. Truth and honesty should lay the foundation of our life, followed by humility and gratitude to maintain our composure, helping and sharing our happiness with others to receive the abundance in the universe and achieve inner peace and ever-lasting happiness . By practising these core virtues one can progress from body consciouness to soul consciousness and enable oneself to lead a happy, prosperous, peaceful and successful life.

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