‘Secret of Life’ reveals how the family members can connect with Universal Energy, irrespective of their religion and experience Anandmay Jeevan (happy life) within 7 to 180 days.

How to connect with Universal Energy?

Energy is produced in the body from the food we eat. Likewise, energy is produced in the Universe which is called Universal Energy.

The energy in the body and the surrounding places has its own vibrational frequency. Similarly, the Universal Energy has its own vibrational frequency. When the energy in the body and surroundings connects with the Universal Energy, the Universal Energy, body and surrounding place becomes one. This helps supply of powerful energy (Universal Energy) to trillions of cells in the body as and when required.

When trillions of cells and organs in the body gets sufficient energy they become more energized and active. This ensures the smooth functioning of the whole body.

As a result every family member becomes mentally, physically, socially, economically and intellectually stronger. Every member of the family can experience the Anandmay Jeevan or happy Life within 7 to 180 days.

The uniqueness of ‘Secret of Life’

  • It does not involve meditation, yoga or any daily practice
  • It does not involve any medicine, diet or exercise
  • It is easy and only needs one time implementation
  • It does not relate to any religion
  • Customized guidance for the whole family

Your family can also experience a happy life in any stage of their lives, such as:

Excel in Education
Bright Job/Career
Successful Business
Progress in Farming
Happy Marriage Life
Better Relationships
Abundant Wealth
Dream House
Good Health

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