Tips to improve memory power

Tips to improve memory power

Loss of memory or reduction in memory is a fairly common occurrence at any age. Memory loss or reduction in memory can increase with age. Our brain and our nervous system are responsible for memory.

Brain can adapt, reshape and change its performance with correct effort. Genetic influences, diet and lifestyle also play an important part in memory loss.

Reasons for Loss or Reduction in Memory:

There are several methods to improve memory at any age:

  • Read every day to help boost memory
  • Lead an active lifestyle
  • Avoid unhealthy food, alcoholic drinks, smoking
  • Try meditation, mindfulness, calmness practices, yoga
  • Have some supplements to help the body functions

According to ManavGuru people face memory loss when they are disconnected with Universal Energy (God) even though they are surrounded by it all the time. As a result the hippocampus in the brain does not perform efficiently.

What is Universal Energy (God)?

Universal Energy (God) is a life force that surrounds us all the time. It is present everywhere, for example at home, office, cities, towns, sky, mountains, forest, sea etc.

It is known by various names such as ‘Vishwa Shakti’, ‘Praana Shakti’, ‘Vishwa Bhagwaan’, God etc.

Universal Energy (God) keeps the entire universe balanced and we exist only because of it. We can get whatever we want in our life by just connecting with this energy.

How can you connect with Universal Energy (God)?

ManavGuru helps people to connect with Universal Energy (God). Since the year 2000, millions of people have connected with Universal Energy (God) by following ManavGuru’s guidance. All of them received whatever they wanted in their lives and are living an Anandmay Jeevan or Happy Life.

Once the connection with Universal Energy (God) is made, you start experiencing positive changes in overall memory levels. Universal Energy (God) then starts to give positive results in such a way that:

  • You will see improvement in your memory
  • Whatever you study will be in your memory for a long time
  • You will experience improvement in communication
  • You will see less or absolutely no medications and visit to doctors
  • Daily activities like reading, learning etc. will become easier

Scientific basis of Universal Energy (God)

When you and your house/workplace are connected to Universal Energy (God) through respective vibrational frequencies, Universal Energy (God) is channelized into your house and your body.

After connecting with Universal Energy (God), positive results will be seen from the 9th day onwards and within 180 days complete positive results will be seen in your memory levels.

What is ManavGuru’s divine knowledge?

ManavGuru gives guidance to all family members through his divine knowledge for connecting with Universal Energy (God) through their house itself. When ManavGuru’s divine knowledge is followed, everyone in the family will get benefitted simultaneously in just 9 to 180 days.



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