About ManavGuru

ManavGuru Shri. Chandrashekhar Guruji is a philanthropist and samaritan who has served the society through social causes and humanitarian initiatives. He is popularly called as “ManavGuru” by his followers around the world.

His work is inspiring and profound, while his public speech captivates people from all walks of life.

With a life of simplicity, humility, extraordinary charity, and devotion, ManavGuru lives in the hearts of many people who look up to him as an exemplary human being.

Journey in “Janmabhoomi”

ManavGuru was born in Bagalkot district of Karnataka to late Shri Virupakshappa and Smt. Neelamma Angadi. Since childhood he was always motivated and wanted to do something for the nation and make his life worth.

During his childhood, there was a temple in Guruji’s colony. To meet the temple expenses, it was required to collect money from all the houses in the colony. There were around 50 to 60 houses in his colony. No one from his colony was ready to collect money from the houses as it was considered a menial job. Then Guruji came forward and took this responsibility along with his close friend. Every day after school, he would collect money from the houses, and this helped in the funding of the temple to a large extent.

With a zeal and passion to dedicate his life for the nation, ManavGuru was in a dilemma as to which path he should adopt to serve his nation. After his secondary school, he went through the army selection process but suffered a setback when he got rejected during the physical examination. He was not selected, as he was underweight. He became very upset. He kept wondering “why was I not selected when I am so eager to dedicate my life for the nation?”

The rejection did not deter him from his goal and he moved ahead in his life with determination and compassion. He continued his education and completed his bachelor’s in civil engineering from Bagalkot district of Karnataka. He always had a great sense of gratitude towards his teachers, who guided him throughout his education period and continues to do so even today.

Journey in “Karmabhoomi”

ManavGuru never imagined that Mumbai would become his karmabhoomi. After graduating, his cousin who resided there forced him to start his career in Mumbai. His cousin also convinced ManavGuru’s father and brothers to send him to the city of dreams. His family agreed and made up their mind but hearing this ManavGuru became nervous as he was not well-versed with the native language of this new city and started wondering how he will manage his life in Mumbai.

Finally, he came to Mumbai with a small amount of money in his pocket and big dreams in his mind. He was appointed as an engineer in a construction company. Because of his dedication, honesty, and hard work he flourished quickly in the company and was given the responsibility of handling a huge project. He successfully completed the project in 2 years then he resigned from the job and started his own construction company.

With a strong experience and immense confidence, he successfully founded his own construction company and experienced prosperity, growth, and glory in no time. His intuition guided him to a realization that giving back to society was more important than earning money. Keeping this in mind, he started Sharansankul Charitable Trust along with his friend. This trust has been serving people by supporting the poor and needy of society.


During the year 1997, ManavGuru was visiting his friend who was suffering from blood cancer at Tata Memorial Hospital. During his visit at the hospital, he saw very young children who were suffering from cancer. The entire experience was heart-breaking for ManavGuru and his heart was filled with compassion for those children. He was not able to accept the fact that so many innocent children at such a tender age had to suffer from so much pain and distress.

Everything was running smoothly when one day in the year 1998, he got cheated for 15 lakh rupees in business. Things took a toll for the worse when he got cheated again for 20 lakh rupees within a gap of few days. It was a huge amount at the time and it degraded his financial condition drastically. He was disturbed and started to think, “Why did this happen to me when I never cheated anyone in my life?”.

It is said in the Holy Scriptures, “You don’t find the truth but the truth finds you.”
During this time he started getting repeated dreams of a compass and a dwelling plan. He wondered why he was getting this dream repeatedly. With his engineering background, he could interpret the significance of the compass and house plans in his dreams.

His intuition guided him to conclude that rather than blaming others for the losses, it is important to find the reason behind the problem within us and in our surroundings. Our surrounding is the place where we spend most of our time.

Analysing the time spent in life

Let’s say we live for 75 years. There are 24 hours in one day from which,

  1. We spend 8 hours a day sleeping, which amounts to 25 years of our life.
  2. We spend 8 hours a day in college/school/job, which amounts to 25 years of our life.
  3. We spend 4 hours a day for activities inside the house such as eating, bathing, cooking, watching TV, reading, spending time with family, etc., which amounts to 12.5 years of our life.
  4. We spend 4 hours a day for activities outside the house such as traveling, shopping, dropping children to school, etc., which amounts to 12.5 years of our life.

So out of the 24 hours, we spend around 20 hours (80 to 85%) in our house and workplace. Hence both places play a vital role in everyone’s life.

Keeping this in mind, ManavGuru visited thousands of houses and workplaces in different villages and cities. He found that the impact of life-related problems was different in various generations of the same family, even though the family lived in the same house.

For Example, in a family where the father ran a successful business and was financially stable, after his retirement the son takes over but does not experience the same results even though they both ran the same business and lived in the same house.

He found similar results in a lot of families. ManavGuru started researching why this happened.
With further research, he concluded that everyone in this world had their individual vibrational frequency. He found that as the vibrational frequency is different for every individual, the impacts in every stage of life for each member of the family is different.

In the year 2000, the universe blessed ManavGuru with the SECRET OF LIFE (SOL). SOL is a unique way to align with the Cosmic Energy (God) according to individual vibrational frequency. This helps every individual to experience the transformation from ‘Dukhmay Jeevan’ to ‘Anandamay Jeevan’ i.e. unhappy life to happy life, in just 7 to 180 days. It does not need any daily practice like yoga or meditation.

ManavGuru started the journey of SECRET OF LIFE (SOL). First, he himself experienced the power of SOL. His friends were observing the changes in ManavGuru and saw him transforming towards an ‘Anandamay Jeevan’ or Happy Life. Then they also followed ManavGuru’s guidance of SECRET OF LIFE and started experiencing ‘Anandamay Jeevan’ or Happy Life in just 7-180 days.

Journey towards “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”

Experiencing the effects of SECRET OF LIFE, ManavGuru wanted every family in the world to lead an ‘Anandamay Jeevan’.

According to ManavGuru, every family member in this world, irrespective of their religion or caste, has their own SECRET OF LIFE (SOL). This SECRET OF LIFE depends on their individual vibrational frequency. They can experience ‘Anandamay Jeevan’ or happy life with ManavGuru’s ‘SECRET OF LIFE’ (SOL) in just 3 steps.

  1. Know about you and your family member’s SECRET OF LIFE (SOL).
  2. Learn about you and your family member’s SECRET OF LIFE (SOL).
  3. Experience the SECRET OF LIFE (SOL) by you and your family members.

He realized that it was not possible for just one person to spread the knowledge of SOL and reach every family in this world. SO he trained a handful of disciples for this purpose and to serve mankind throughout the world. Currently, 1000+ disciples are working with ManavGuru for this noble cause.

ManavGuru’s philosophy is simple – ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ which means, the world is one family.

ManavGuru will teach SECRET OF LIFE (SOL) to you and your family members. In just 2 steps, within 2 hours, all the family members can learn how to align with the Cosmic Energy (God). After following ManavGuru’s guidance, every family member will start experiencing the transformation from ‘Dukhmay Jeevan’ to ‘Anandamay Jeevan’ or unhappy to happy life, in just 7 to 180 days.

Millions of people have experienced the power of ManavGuru’s SECRET OF LIFE (SOL) and are leading an ‘Anandamay Jeevan’ today.

Finally, he got the answer to why he was not selected in the army. It was because his life was meant for a greater cause of transforming millions of lives and leading people to an ‘Anandamay Jeevan’.

He realized that the universe had blessed him with the unique knowledge of SECRET OF LIFE to serve people globally. He also remembered the time when he met the cancer patients in Tata Memorial Hospital in 1997 and had thought why God had sent them on earth. Now he knew that he could help every individual in the world with the help of SECRET OF LIFE and relieve them from their distress in any stage of their life. Be it any major health issue or challenges faced during any stage of life such as Education, Business, Career, Marriage, Relationship, Wealth, Health, or Retired Life, SECRET OF LIFE will help you overcome the challenges and lead you to a happy life or ‘Anandamay Jeevan’.