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You and your family members can experience Anandmay Jeevan or happy life within 9 to 180 days by connecting with God (Universal Energy)

Life is full of ups and downs. We will inevitably face moments in life that will challenge us. These moments can leave us feeling frustrated, scared and even broken. We might start to lose our confidence.

Life related problems like education, career, business, marriage, relationships, wealth, health, dream house, retired life etc. that we face in life are riddled with anxiety, fear, worry, anger, stress and every negative emotion that we can think of.

Why does this happen in life?

The true reason for facing these problems in life is because we are not properly connected with God (Universal Energy).

Who is God (Universal Energy)?

All religious scriptures talk about God. He is the only one who can neither be created nor be destroyed. He is not born and will never die. He is the Supreme Being. God is everywhere in the universe but cannot be seen.

There is a unique energy in this universe that we call Universal Energy. Universal Energy is also everywhere in this universe but cannot be seen. Universal Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed.

The characteristics of both God and Universal Energy is the same. Then why don’t we call God as Universal Energy.

God (Universal Energy) is a life force that surrounds us at all times.

God (Universal Energy) is known to us by various names such as ‘Vishwashakti’, ‘Pranashakti’, or Cosmic Energy etc.

The Power of God (Universal Energy)

God (Universal Energy) keeps the entire universe in form

Not a single living and non-living thing will exist without God (Universal Energy)

God (Universal Energy) is always ready to help everyone for leading an ‘Anandmay Jeevan’ or happy life

Once we properly connect with God (Universal Energy), we will start getting whatever we want in our life

Where can we connect with God (Universal Energy)

It is not possible to properly connect with God (Universal Energy) in a temple, mosque, church or any other religious place because we spend less time in these holy places. The true holy place is where we spend our most time.

We spend around 10-12 hours a day in our house and 8-10 hours a day in our workplace. It means that out of 24 hours/day, we spend 20-22 hours/day in both these places i.e. our house and workplace. So these two are the holy places where we can connect with God (Universal Energy).

How can we connect with God (Universal Energy)

ManavGuru will show a unique way to all family members for connecting with God (Universal Energy) through his divine knowledge.

Since the year 2000, millions of families are experiencing and leading an Anandmay Jeevan or happy life.

Is there any scientific explanation to this?

Every living and non-living thing in this universe has energy with some vibrational frequency. Likewise, God (Universal Energy) also has a unique vibrational frequency. Number ‘9’ is the unique high vibrational frequency of God (Universal Energy).

Do you want to connect with God (Universal Energy)?

Just Follow these 3 Steps:


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Once you submit the form, you will be on the way to connect with God (Universal Energy). And God (Universal Energy) is also ready to give whatever you want in life. Do not lose this one-time opportunity.


Personal Discussion

We will call you at the preferred date and time mentioned by you.

We will discuss in detail:

  1. About your life-related problems or whatever you want in life.
  2. How ManavGuru’s divine knowledge will help you to connect with God (Universal Energy).
  3. How you will achieve whatever you want in your life within 9 to 180 days.


ManavGuru’s Guidance for all family members to connect with God (Universal Energy)

This includes the following:

  1. Details for all family members on how to connect with God (Universal Energy) in your house as per the guidance given by ManavGuru. We will send this in a PDF format.
  2. We will provide you high vibrational materials energised by ManavGuru.
  3. We will send high and low Vibrational Frequency for you and your family members.
  4. After implementing ManavGuru’s Guidance, we will ensure that you’ve followed the guidance correctly.
  5. We will closely monitor your monthly progress for 6 months.

To connect with God (Universal Energy) you need:

ManavGuru’s Guidance
for the whole family

High vibrational materials
energised by ManavGuru

Now you will only pay for the high vibrational materials energised by ManavGuru.

You can contribute whatever you want for ManavGuru’s Guidance when you experience positive changes.

Assurance from ManavGuru

Once connected with God (Universal Energy), I assure that you and your family members will start achieving whatever you want in your life. You will overcome your life-related problems and lead an Anandmay Jeevan or Happy Life in just 9 to 180 days

Uniqueness of ManavGuru’s Guidance

It is purely scientific and simple to implement.

It is a one-time implementation at your house and workplace.

It does not involve any meditation, yoga or any daily practice of rituals and customs

It does not involve any mantras or tantras

It does not involve medication, diet and exercise

It does not relate to any religion

God (Universal Energy) has given me only one assignment, to connect all family members with God (Universal Energy).

God (Universal Energy) will take care of your entire family.

Experience the incredible power of God (Universal Energy) in just 9 to 180 days.

– ManavGuru

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