About ManavGuru

ManavGuru Shri Chandrashekhar Guruji is a philanthropist and samaritan who is well known for his simplicity, humility, and extraordinary charity. ManavGuru lives in the hearts of many families across the world for his noble service towards humanity. With affection and love, people call him “ManavGuru”.

Since the year 2000, the universe blessed ManavGuru with the unique wisdom ‘SECRET OF LIFE’. ManavGuru has helped millions of families across the world irrespective of their religion to experience the transformation from ‘Dukhmay Jeevan’ to ‘Anandamay Jeevan’ or unhappy life to a happy life in just 7 to 180 days through ‘SECRET OF LIFE’.

In between birth and death, everyone in this world irrespective of their religion has to cross many stages of life like children’s education, career, job, business, marriage, relationship, wealth, health, retired life, etc.

Everyone will face some or the other problems in any stage of their lives. It is the universal truth! No one is immune to this.

Don’t worry about your problems, ManavGuru will guide you and your family members to lead an Anandamay Jeevan or Happy Life.

Know the problems faced by you and your family members

(Problems related to Children’s Education, Career, Job, Business, Marriage, Relationship, Wealth, Health, Retired Life etc)

If you already have your house plan please send it to us on   86579 62054  via whatsapp.


  • Fill the below form or call us
  • Choose a suitable date and time for the video call
  • We will call you and will create the plan of your house
  • Based on your house plan, ManavGuru will predict :
  1. The life-related problems that you are facing
  2. The impact of these problems in your future
  3. The root cause of your problems

If you feel that our prediction about your life is correct then you can opt for the solution. The Fees for the solution is based on the severity of your problem and the size of your house. Our person will communicate with you about the fees.

If you are looking for the solution to your problems


ManavGuru’s SECRET OF LIFE helps:

  • To predict major life-related problems faced by you and your family members because of your house (owned or rented).
  • To provide solutions for the life-related problems that you face because of your house.
  • You and your family members to experience the transformation from Dukhmay Jeevan to Anandamay Jeevan or unhappy life to a happy life in just 7 to 180 days.

ManavGuru’s SECRET OF LIFE also gives solutions to the specific problems faced by you and your family members in any stages of your lives. Once you start following ManavGuru’s guidance, you and your family members will experience positive changes in respective problems in just 7 to 180 days.

Excel in Education Excel in Education

Excel in Education

Increase concentration, memory power, motivation, and get expected results in education.


Bright Job/Career Bright Job/Career

Bright Job/Career

Get better job offers, promotions, improve motivation, job stability, and find your dream job.


Successful Business Successful Business

Successful Business

Experience business growth, build better business relations, avoid bankruptcy, avoid debts, and legal issues.


Progress in Farming Progress in Farming

Progress in Farming

Get better crop yield, increase your profits, resolve farming related challenges, avoid debts, and repay your loans.


Happy Marriage Life Happy Marriage Life

Happy Marriage Life

Find the right soul mate, avoid delay in marriage, and get married with the blessings of your parents and elders.


Better Relationships Better Relationships

Better Relationships

Avoid divorce and maintain a peaceful atmosphere at home and build better relationship bonds with your life partner, parents, children, relatives, and friends.


Abundant Wealth Abundant Wealth

Abundant Wealth

Create abundant wealth, save money, repay loans, avoid debts, increase returns on your investments, and get the money that people owe you.


Good Health Good Health

Good Health

Improve health, cure all your health-related problems, reduce hospital visits, avoid surgical procedures, and avoid unexpected expenditure on medications and treatments.


Dream House Dream House

Dream House

Build your dream house, buy your dream house, avoid hurdles in the construction, resolve legal disputes, and get the money that people owe you.


SOL True Stories

I was suffering from cancer since 2009. After folloing ManavGuru’s ‘SECRET OF LIFE’, I started experiencing positive changes in my health. Within 6 months, all my reports were normal and the doctors said that I was perfectly healthy and my body was not showing any sign of cancer.

Manjula, Teacher, Karnataka

Our financial problems got solved. We started a small scale business and it turned out to be a huge success and then we went on to start 3 more business and all our businesses are earning good profits. I being a Muslim have followed ManavGuru’s guidance and I can assure you that SECRET OF LIFE is a unique wisdom of ManavGuru which can be followed by everyone irrespective of their religion, caste, financial status, etc.

Akhila Ayub Khan, Social worker, Karnataka

We found suitable partners for our daughter and our son. Today they are living a happy married life. We also found positive transformation in our finance, business, health and our son’s education.

Ramesh Patel, Businessman, Gujarat

Our business became profitable beyond our expectations and our business relations also improved. It does not matter if you are rich, poor, or belong to any religion, you can experience the bliss of ‘Anandamay Jeevan’.

Vijay Pratap Singh, Businessman, Delhi

My crops gave a better yield this year and I earned a good profit. My silk farming is also progressing and all the problems related to farming have been solved. I am able to save a good amount of money and also keep aside for the future.

Nagaraju, Farmer, Karnataka

Within months I could see drastic changes in my daughter’s education and she became enthusiastic about her studies and also extracurricular activities. My daughter progressed not only academically, but also physically, mentally, and socially.

Sunita Walvalkar, Teacher Maharashtra

My colleagues became closer to me and respected me. And to my surprise, I finally received my promotion. All the people who discouraged and made fun of me earlier were stunned. Today I am a DCP and I attend my duties honestly and am happy with my job.

Rohidas Patre, DCP, Goa