Farmer, Karnataka

I am a farmer and have been cultivating silkworms since 35 years. I also cultivate a few other crops including mustard.

We live in a low rainfall area so it was difficult to get a good yield of the crops. Silk farming requires huge investment and care. But I did not receive the money that I invested in it and suffered a huge loss as the silkworms did not complete their growth cycle to produce silk.

Each day our family was becoming increasingly poorer. At one point, we didn’t even have money to buy food. I started taking loans and also borrowed money from friends and family. Soon I was sitting on a huge mountain of debt. Whenever I sold my silk production in the market, I would earn 5000, 10000, or 20000 rupees but that money would disappear in the blink of an eye. Every single rupee would be spent on repaying loans or some untimely expenses.
Whenever guests came home, I was very embarrassed as I couldn’t treat them well. I was not able to serve them a proper meal and it was emotionally and socially degrading for our family too.

The situation became so worse that I lost all hopes and wanted to commit suicide. I couldn’t see a way out of this problem. Then I wondered, if I committed suicide then people would think that I was a coward who was not able to face a problem and gave up on his life leaving his family behind.
During this worried and depressed phase, one day I came across ManavGuru’s divine knowledge. I was so inspired by ManavGuru’s speech on television that I immediately decided to follow his guidance and implemented his divine knowledge. Within few months I began experiencing positive changes in my life.

Surprisingly my crops gave a better yield this year and I earned a good profit. My silk farming is also progressing well and all the problems related to farming have been solved. I took a loan from the bank and repaid all my debts. Now I pay a fixed amount to the bank and I am not at all worried about it because there is always money in my bank. I am able to save a good amount of money and also plan ahead for the future. Today I am not worried about guests visiting my house. I am happy and content enough to treat 50 or even 500 guests at home. I and my family are all leading a healthy, happy, and prosperous life today.

In our country, farmer’s financial problems are one of the biggest challenges for the government, particularly the concern of loan waive-off. Every year farmers request loan waive-off for 1000s of crores from the government due to their inability to pay back the loan. As per my experience, I think that if every farmer of our country would follow ManavGuru’s divine knowledge, there would be no need to waive-off the loans, as every farmer would become capable of paying back the loans and also attain financial stability.

Hence, I feel and recommend that all the farmers should follow ManavGuru’s divine knowledge and experience the bliss of a happy life just like our family is experiencing today. ManavGuru Shri Chandrashekhar Guruji came into our lives like God and guided us during our worst times. We are very grateful to him and thank him from the bottom of our hearts.

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