ManavGuru has initiated large scale outreach programs for serving humanity

  1. Jeevan Samasya Mukt Gram
  2. Shikshan Samasya Mukt Gram
  3. Samuhik Vivaah
  4. Prevention of Farmer Suicides

Jeevan Samasya Mukt Gram

ManavGuru understands that unless and until Manavabhivruddhi is done, it is not possible to effectively work on Gramabhivruddhi. When each family becomes capable of standing on their own feet, or when each family becomes an Atmanirbhar Kutumb, only then we can work effectively on Gramabhivruddhi.

ManavGuru adopted Godachi village in Belagavi district of Karnataka in 2015. Following which it has become the first model village in India to receive such an adoption program. The village has undergone a transformation socially and economically within 9 months of implementation.

ManavGuru guided 640 families with his divine knowledge free of cost. Those who properly followed his guidance, have experienced positive changes in all aspects of their lives within 9-180 days. Children excelled in their education, youth found better jobs and career opportunities, businessmen succeeded in their businesses, farmers experienced growth in their farming, families developed peaceful relationships, people experienced abundant wealth, the villagers experienced good health and marriage related delays also got resolved.

Shikshan Samsya Mukt Gram

To enrich the knowledge of rural children, ManavGuru has started a school for underprivileged students in 2018 which provides K+10 education in B. Shigigatti village of Kalghatgi taluk, in Dharwad district of Karnataka. A unique environment, where the focus is to ensure that the children develop not only academically but also physically, mentally, and socially with the help of ManavGuru’s divine knowledge, which harnesses the power of Universal Energy in the house/workplace.


Samuhik Vivaah


As part of this initiative ManavGuru has been blessing and guiding couples from under privileged section of the society to get married with dignity and lead a happy married life.

Prevention of Farmer Suicides

Despite agriculture being the backbone of the Indian economy, there has been an increasing trend in the distress level of farmers and their families. This is causing farmers to succumb to pressure and even commit suicide. Realizing the severity of this situation, ManavGuru has started a large-scale outreach program and has taken the initiative to help the farmers follow his divine knowledge. After following ManavGuru’s divine knowledge just by connecting with Universal Energy, the farmers have started experiencing a happy life within 9 to 180 days. It helps them to develop physically, mentally, socially and economically, thus preventing the very thought of suicide in them.

ManavGuru has transformed lives of more than 10 million families across the world

  • Will score expected marks
  • Improved concentration and memory power
  • Stress, anxiety and depression will not occur

  • Growth in career
  • Will get the desired job
  • Will get job as per qualification

  • Business growth and better profits
  • Will receive better opportunities
  • Payments will occur in time
  • Will not face business loss
  • Legal issues will be solved
  • Brand reputation

  • Will get good rates for crops
  • Good water resources
  • Will be able to repay all loans
  • Income will be more than expense

  • Will get married on time
  • Will find suitable life partner
  • Will find suitable life partner for second marriage

  • Problems such as divorce will not occur
  • Better relationships between husband and wife
  • Harmony between family members and relatives

  • Will be able to repay loans
  • Proper investments
  • Will receive the money that people owe you
  • Better savings
  • Reduced expenses

  • Will avoid illnesses
  • Health reports will be normal
  • Will avoid major surgeries
  • Will avoid huge expenses
  • Will lead a healthy life

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