Problems faced by Farmers and Solutions

Problems faced by Farmers and Solutions

Farmers are the very backbone of any agro-based economy. An estimated 16.6 million people are engaged in farming activities in India. About 58% of the population of India is engaged in agriculture related activities. India is expecting to double its farm related income by 2022. This calls for better support for the farmers in terms of technology and knowledge.

A report by Indian Agriculture and Allied Industries has the following statistics:

  • The Indian food and grocery market is the sixth largest in the world
  • India is among the 15 leading exporters of agricultural products in the world
  • Sugar production in India reached 26.46 MT between October 2019 and May 2020
  • Essential agricultural commodities export for the April-Sept ‘20 was over Rs.37,397 crores
  • Milk production is expected to increase to 208 MT in FY21 – a growth of 10% y-o-y.
  • Livestock population of around 535.78 million- about 31% of the world population
  • Agricultural export from India reached US$ 35.09 billion in FY20
  • The organic food segment in India is expected to reach Rs. 75,000 crore by 2025

Apart from socio-political impact, below are some of the major factors adding to problems of agriculture and farmers pan-India:

1. Rain
2. Soil
3. Water table
4. Proper decision making
5. Getting good rates for crops and stability in finance
6. Inability to repay loans
7. Inability to recover farming costs incurred

The general assumption is that the above factors are considered beyond human control.
Since the year 2000, ManavGuru with his divine knowledge, has found the solution for these kind of problems.

In other words, farmers face the above problems because of disconnect with Universal Energy (God).

The slip-up according to ManavGuru, is that we treat only our body without considering our surrounding nature ie. house/workplace. Universal Energy (God) is also overlooked and this becomes the main reason for disconnect with Universal Energy (God). This is where the ManavGuru’s divine knowledge comes in.

We spend most of our hours at home and/or at work i.e, around 20 hours out of 24 hours. Hence, we have to connect with Universal Energy (God) at these two places only.

There are factors causing obstruction in the house/workplace to connect with Universal Energy (God). ManavGuru will guide you to clear these obstructions. It helps to connect with Universal Energy (God). As a result will the body, surrounding place ie. house/workplace and Universal Energy (God) will connect and become one.

Then Universal Energy (God) starts resolving the problems faced by Indian farmers which are beyond their control. Some solutions provided by Universal Energy (God) are beyond the realm of normal imagination.

  1. Even though you are not getting water on time the crops will still not get affected
  2. Universal Energy (God) will guide on the seeds suitable for planting on your land based on the soil conditions
  3. If you are planning to dig a well/bore-well then you will surely find water in it
  4. Universal Energy (God) will guide you to achieve and maintain financial stability. You will find good rates for your crops and it will help you repay the loans on time.

How does ManavGuru’s divine knowledge work scientifically?

  • The energy produced in every human body has its own vibration
  • The place where they reside/work also has its energy and its own vibration
  • Likewise, Universal Energy (God) also has its own vibration

According to ManavGuru, main reason for farming related issue is disconnect of mind, body and surrounding place with Universal Energy (God).

When people, the place where they reside/work are connected to Universal Energy (God) through the respective vibrational frequencies; then Universal Energy (God) is automatically channelized into the body.

Universal Energy (God) works like a guardian and manages the control over the mind and body. Once this occurs, the next phase of life undergoes a transformation and you will start experiencing positive changes in your pain levels within 9 to 180 days.

Summary: Stress can come from any various quarter especially in an unorganised sector like agriculture. We highly recommend that every farmer should have access to experience the benefits of recovery from financial or work related stress with the help of ManavGuru’s divine knowledge in just 9 to 180 days

Recovery from farmers problems can become a reality and it is possible to come back on track because the universe will support the endeavours of the community. To synchronise the energy of the body, surroundings with that of Universal Energy (God) is to seek a permanent solution away from this situation.



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