Cure High Blood Pressure by Connecting with Universal Energy

Cure High Blood Pressure by Connecting with Universal Energy

What is Blood Pressure?

Blood pressure is a measure of the force used by the heart to pump blood around the body. It is also a measure of the amount of resistance to blood flow. High blood pressure, or hypertension, occurs when your blood pressure increases to unhealthy levels.

Hypertension is a silent disease and does not show symptoms in its earlier stages. Immediate control of hypertension is important since high or low levels can cause serious damage to the wellness of the person and can lead to heart issues, including stroke, damage to nerves, eyes, kidneys, and other organs.

The types of blood pressure are:

  1. Primary hypertension
  2. Secondary hypertension

The reading is a combination of two measurements: one between two heart beats when the heart is resting (Diastolic) and the other (Systolic) when the heart is actually pushing out blood.

Which are the cells affected by high blood pressure?

It is clear that high blood pressure, due to obesity and salt sensitivity, increases the rate of cell death. Smooth muscle cells and endothelial cells that comprise the blood vessels are the first casualties.

Signs of high BP or symptoms of severe hypertension can include:

  • Headaches/ dizziness
  • Shortness of breath/ chest pain
  • Nosebleeds
  • Lethargy

According to ManavGuru’s Unique Saral Vaastu, people face health problems like blood pressure when they are disconnected from universal energy even though they are surrounded by it all the time.

So is it possible to cure high/low blood pressure permanently?

Yes, it is certainly possible! When the person is connected with universal energy, problems of high blood pressure can be easily cured.

What is Universal Energy?

Universal energy is the life force that exists everywhere. It is present in the universe between galaxies, molecules, and space. It is essential to maintain order in life and expand our consciousness. The basic character of Universal Energy is to fulfill our desire and make us always happy.

Universal energy is the basis of all our actions, reactions to situations, and functions in totality. It is essential for the following reasons:

  • To maintain an orderly life
  • To lead a happy and healthy life
  • To obtain knowledge
  • It is completely involved in all situations of life.
  • To expand our consciousness

Where can you connect with Universal Energy?

We spend around 10-12 hours a day in our house and 8-10 hours a day in our workplace. That means that out of 24 hours/day, we spend 20-22 hours/day in both places, our house and workplace. So these two are the holy places where we can tune with Universal Energy.

How can you tune in with Universal Energy?

ManavGuru’s Unique Saral Vaastu concept will guide you on how to clear some energies that are obstructing to tune with Universal Energy. It helps you to tune in with Universal Energy. As a result, you will start to experience positive changes in 9 to 180 days.

For example:

When you want to listen to songs on the radio, you tune the channels using the buttons to enable your favourite stations. When you tune the radio properly, you will be able to listen to it clearly and enjoy the songs.

Likewise, when you want to fulfill your desires and lead a happy and healthy life, you must tune in with Universal Energy. ManavGuru’s Unique Saral Vaastu concept will guide you to tune with Universal Energy. 

How will you fulfill your desire scientifically?

Our body and mind are surrounded by energy fields. When tuned with Universal Energy, Universal Energy enters the body through the mind and the mind becomes calm. This helps the mind and body to become one. As a result, the hormones in the body become balanced. It helps in the healing of the physical, mental and spiritual self. It reduces negativity and creates harmony in life.

As a result, the person starts experiencing positive changes physically, mentally, financially, socially and academically in 9 to 180 days.

Once the connection with Universal Energy is made, then Universal Energy starts to give positive results in such a way that:

  1. Blood pressure levels return to normal and reports will indicate the same.
  2. The overall health of the person improves in few months and there will be no more severe symptoms.
  3. There will be happiness in the family due to absence of diseases.


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