Teacher, Karnataka

I am a teacher and I live with my husband and two daughters. We were leading a very happy life and were very satisfied in our small family and world. But slowly the happiness in our family started fading. We started having minor arguments with each other, our children started performing poorly in their education. Our financial stability was shaken. I kept wondering why this was happening in our family.

Then one day in 2009, our world collapsed when we were struck by the news of my cancer tests coming out as positive. Things were different from then on. I was worried about my husband and children. I was worried about how they would survive without me. I became depressed, my children were sad, my husband was sad and all the earlier problems also kept growing in our house.

I was suffering and in a lot of pain and would constantly think about the life of my family if I passed away. My family did try to encourage me, but it was not that easy. I underwent major surgery in Bangalore. I started taking sessions and treatments of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. This continued for about 3 years, but everything went in vain. I was not showing any improvement. My condition deteriorated day-by-day. I had lost all hope. I started preparing my mind for the ultimate fate that was heading towards me.

We were already facing financial problems, but with my health condition, we went into debt. We spent over 10 lakh rupees on the treatments. This put my family into a lot of monetary trouble. I was thinking that if there is no chance of survival, why should we spend so much money? At least we could save that money for our children’s future.

Then one day, we came to know about ManavGuru and his unique knowledge through a television program. My husband kept following the program to gain more knowledge about ManavGuru. He saw that many families like us had overcome fatal diseases with the help of ManavGuru’s Unique Saral Vaastu Guidance.

It was a ray of hope and somehow my husband felt that this was the right choice and he had some kind of confidence that told him that it would help us. So he started taking guidance from ManavGuru’s unique knowledge. Each member of our family started implementing and following the guidance of ManavGuru’s unique knowledge.

Within a short period of only two months, I started experiencing positive changes in my health. I felt positive, confident, healthy and happy. My family members also noticed a drastic change in me. I was still continuing my medications and treatments recommended by the doctors. ManavGuru’s Guidance does not suggest to stop the treatments but to follow his unique knowledge along with the treatments. Then, during my regular check-ups, all my reports surprisingly showed a lot of improvement in my health. Within 6 months, all my reports were normal and our doctor said that I was perfectly healthy and my body was not showing any signs of cancer. He also said that there was no need for any treatment, medication or therapy and that I was completely cured. My husband and I were so surprised that we couldn’t believe our ears.

It was the happiest moment of my life. My family, friends, and relatives were very happy for me. Apart from health, we also experienced positive changes in our finances, relationships, and also our children’s education. We were wondering how a fatal illness like cancer can be cured with ManavGuru’s Unique Saral Vaastu Guidance.

We are so happy with the transformation that happened in our family that we wanted to meet ManavGuru personally and take his blessings. We finally got that opportunity when Guruji came to Tumkur. We met him and it was a divine experience for me and my husband. We would like to thank ManavGuru Shri Chandrashekhar Guruji from the bottom of our hearts. I can proudly say that Guruji has given me a new life.

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