Akhila Ayub Khan

Social Worker, Karnataka

We had built a new house but after shifting to the new house, we started facing a lot of problems. Our financial condition worsened. We could not buy anything that we wanted or that was required in the house. Even when we had to buy the basic necessities, we had to go through a painful decision-making process. People used to think that we had built a house so we were financially stable so they would come and ask for help. But it was so difficult to tell them about our condition.

I took a loan and became a partner for a small-scale business but it did not earn us any profit. Soon the stress and tension showed up in our personal lives and there were constant fights between me and my husband. The situation became so bad that it had become difficult to put food on our plates. There were days when we slept empty stomach, just drinking a glass of water. I used to cry every night thinking about our situation.

We did not know how to overcome this situation. It was like problems were waiting for us in every path. We became so depressed that we started wondering why God gave us this life of sufferance. There were times when we were on the verge of ending our lives.

Then one day we came to know about ManavGuru’s divine knowledge. Somehow we felt that it is the only path that would help us overcome our problems. We immediately decided to follow ManavGuru’s guidance. We were inspired by ManavGuru and it gave a sense of hope in our lives.

We started following ManavGuru’s divine knowledge. After implementing ManavGuru’s divine knowledge, we started experiencing transformation in our lives. Our financial problems got solved. We started a small scale business and it turned out to be a huge success and then we went on to start 3 more and all our businesses are earning good profits today. We never had a four-wheeler but today we have bought a car. My social work has also reached the national level and I have received plenty of awards and honours. With the profits earned we not only run our household and also manage to help the people in need. It gives us immense happiness to help other people and that could only be possible because of ManavGuru’s divine knowledge.

With the help of this divine knowledge, ManavGuru can connect every family in this universe with Universal Energy . When someone connects with Universal Energy , they receive everything that they ever wanted.

ManavGuru’s divine knowledge is not based on any religion or caste. I being a Muslim have followed ManavGuru’s guidance and I can assure you that his divine knowledge can be implemented by every family in this world irrespective of their religion, caste, status, etc. I wish every family follows ManavGuru’s divine knowledge and experiences the bliss of a happy life. Thank you, Guruji for helping us in our time of need.

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