Secret Behind Happiness

Secret Behind Happiness

Everyone in this world wants happiness in their life. Do you think it is easy to find happiness? Are we truly happy in this present stage?

Happiness is not just for an individual, it is for the whole family. We can become happy only if our families are happy. We can never be happy if our family is facing any problem. So our happiness is interconnected with our family’s happiness.

Happiness and unhappiness are the two faces of a single coin. If something good happens in life, our families become happy. If bad things happen in life, our families become unhappy.

Between birth and death, the days that we live on earth is called “Life”. Life has different stages such as education, career (job/business/farming), marriage, relationship, wealth, health, dream house, retired life, etc.

Every family crosses these stages during their life. Some families may be happy in certain stages of their life while some families may be unhappy in certain stages of their life.

Our families become happy:

  • When the children score good marks in their exam
  • When children get the right job.
  • When children’s marriage is fixed.
  • When good profit is gained in business.
  • When a new house/car is purchased.
  • When we go on a vacation.

Our families become unhappy:

  • When the children fail or do not score well in their exams.
  • When children do not get the right job.
  • When children’s marriage is delayed.
  • When we face loss in our business.
  • We are unable to build/purchase a new house.
  • When there are constant tiffs between family members.
  • When we suffer from major illnesses, etc.

These problems can impact us in the long run. It not only disturbs the person, but it affects the entire family and sometimes it can grow to a huge extent.

Many scholars and saints have said that “Happiness is Within you”. According to them, it is perfectly correct because they prefer to stay alone or even in ashrams. But we stay in our houses with our family and work in offices with employees or colleagues. Now in such a condition is it possible to find happiness within oneself?

ManavGuru’s Unique Saral Vaastu Guidance is a scientific principle and based on ancient Indian values and culture. It reveals the path to an Anandmay Jeevan or Happy life for the entire family, irrespective of the religion within 9 to 180 days just by connecting with Universal Energy.

The person has energy with some vibrational frequency. The place where the person resides in or the workplace has energy with some vibrational frequency. The Universe also has some vibrational frequency. When both the person and the place are connected with Universal Energy, then Universal Energy channelizes in the body of the person and the place. This helps Universal Energy to be supplied to the trillions of cells in the body as and when required.

When trillions of cells and organs in the body get sufficient Universal Energy; they become more energized and active. This ensures the smooth functioning of the whole body. As a result every family member becomes physically, mentally, socially, economically and intellectually stronger.

When you follow ManavGuru’s Unique Saral Vaastu Guidance, then within the next 9 to 180 days you will begin to experience Anandmay Jeevan or Happy Life.



Transforming the lives of millions of families within 9 to 180 days with his divine knowledge.

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