Secret Behind Obesity

Secret Behind Obesity

Fat is a word that is connected with the whole body. There are different types of fats in our body.

Some type of fats create a negative effect on our health and can lead to chronic diseases while some are necessary for maintaining good health.

There are two types of main fats –

  • White fat
  • Brown fat

These can be stored as essential and subcutaneous or visceral fat.

White fat – White cells are stored under the skin or around the organs in the belly, arms, thighs and buttocks. These fat cells are the body’s way of storing energy for later use. White fat cells play an important role in the function of hormones such as oestrogen, insulin, stress hormone and leptin. White fats are necessary for good health. These are harmful if they exceed their normal percentage in the body. In general, the normal fat percentages of fat in men and women are as follows:

For men – 14 to 24 %
For Women – 21 to 31%

If the body fat is more than the specified range, it can put you at risk for the following health complications:

  1. Kidney issues
  2. Liver issues
  3. Cancer
  4. Stroke/ High blood pressure
  5. Type II diabetes
  6. Pregnancy complications
  7. Hormonal imbalance
Health Issues - Truth behind Obesity

Brown Fat– It is a type of fat that is primarily found in babies and also in small amounts in adults usually around the neck and shoulders. This type of fat burns the fatty acids and keeps you warm. If there is an imbalance in any of these biological processes in the body then it may sometimes lead to being overweight or obese.

Since the year 2000, ManavGuru have served millions of people suffering from obesity or overweight. They have reduced 20 to 40 kgs of their weight and even more, in just 9 to 180 days.

One such example is the story of the famous Kannada Actor, Jaggesh and his son from Bangalore. ManavGuru personally visited his house and saw all the rooms of the house and when he observed Jaggesh’s bedroom it clearly indicated the reason for him being overweight. The root cause was that the wardrobes were blocking the bedroom’s entry door. At that time his weight was 95 kg.

ManavGuru then gave him some suggestions and he followed them continuously. He started experiencing a vast difference and his weight came down to 95 kgs.

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Jaggesh’s son was also suffering from the same problem and weighed around 120 kgs at that time. While visiting his son’s bedroom, ManavGuru came to know that the energy flow in his bedroom was not even. His bed was placed in a corner. This obstructed the flow of Universal Energy. Whoever sleeps in that bed would surely become overweight.

ManavGuru gave him some suggestions which included the change in the position of his bed. It was not to be placed in the corner and that the head of the bed should also be according to his high vibrational frequency. By making these changes there was a proper and continuous flow of Universal Energy in the entire bedroom. In the next 9 to 180 days he started experiencing reduction in his weight and he finally reached 80 kgs.

You can also check your friends’ or relatives’ house. If their bed is placed in the corner, or the wardrobe is blocking the entry of the bedroom, or if the family members are not sleeping according to their high vibrational frequency, the family members in that house will be suffering from obesity or overweight.

If you want to reduce your weight or obesity, just taking care of the bedroom won’t be sufficient.

ManavGuru’s Unique Saral Vaastu is a scientific principle and is based on ancient Indian values and culture. It reveals the path to an Anandmay Jeevan or Happy life for the entire family, within 9 to 180 days just by connecting with Universal Energy.

The person has energy with some vibrational frequency. The place the person resides in or the workplace has energy with some vibrational frequency. The Universe also has some vibrational Energy. When both the person and the place are connected with Universal Energy, then Universal Energy channelizes in the body of the person and the place. This helps Universal Energy to be supplied to the trillions of cells in the body as and when required.

When trillions of cells and the organs in the body get sufficient Universal Energy; they become more energized and active. This ensures the smooth functioning of the whole body. As a result every family member becomes physically, mentally, socially, economically and intellectually stronger.

When you follow ManavGuru’s unique Saral Vaastu guidance, then within the next 9 to 180 days your weight will start to reduce and you will also be free from all resulting illnesses if any.

Finally, Universal Energy maintains proper nutrition of the body as and when required. It maintains the balance within the body automatically without any need for medicine, diet, or exercise.



Transforming the lives of millions of families within 9 to 180 days with his divine knowledge.

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