What is the most effective Diabetes Treatment today?

What is the most effective Diabetes Treatment today?

What is Diabetes or Hyperglycemia?

Diabetes Mellitus is a metabolic disease that causes increase in sugar levels in the body. Hyperglycemia is the technical term for high blood glucose.

Blood sugar control is important because high levels of sugar in the bloodstream will cause long-term damage to body tissues. The vital organs can be affected and increases the risk of heart disease and stroke, kidney disease, vision problems, dental disease, poor circulation to the limbs and permanent nerve problems leading to premature death.

Diabetes has strong links with genetics and the best way of sugar control is moderation in sugar intake.
Complications from diabetes can often be prevented or delayed with quality lifestyle modifications and adopting healthy eating behaviours.

Causes and resulting types of diabetes

  • TYPE 1 OR JUVENILE DIABETES – Insulin producing beta cells in pancreases cannot produce enough insulin or produces no insulin at all. The beta cells in the pancreas may have been destroyed by the immune system. Genetics and environmental factors are major reasons.
  • TYPE 2 OR ADULT DIABETES – Insulin producing beta cells are unable to respond to the insulin being produced. At first the pancreas reacts by producing extra insulin but eventually it is unable to make enough to meet the body’s needs. This can be a combination of genetic and lifestyle factors.
  • Gestational diabetes is hormone related and seen only during pregnancy. The placenta produces hormone that makes the cells less sensitive to the effects of insulin resulting in high sugar levels. This is also related to the weight during and before the pregnancy, triggering off more hormonal impact.
types of diabetes

New lines of research show that the control of blood sugar levels within the first few months can stop the beginning of complications and reduce the risk of the major organs reacting adversely to the spike in sugar levels.

How does diabetes occur?

When a person is diabetic, their body either does not make enough insulin or cannot effectively use the insulin it produces thus reducing the energy reaching the cells. The food we eat is converted into energy in the body. When sufficient energy is not supplied to the beta cells in the pancreas it stops producing insulin.

According to ManavGuru, people face health problems like diabetes when they are disconnected with Universal Energy (God) even though they are surrounded by it all the time.

Is it possible to cure diabetes permanently?

Yes, it is certainly possible! When the person is connected with Universal Energy (God) health problems like diabetes gets easily cured.

What is Universal Energy (God)?

Universal Energy (God) is a life force that surrounds us all the time. It is present everywhere, for example at home, office, cities, towns, sky, mountains, forest, sea etc.
It is known by various names such as ‘Vishwa Shakti’, ‘Praana Shakti’, ‘Vishwa Bhagwaan’, God etc.
Universal Energy (God) keeps the entire universe balanced and we exist only because of it. We can get whatever we want in our life by just connecting with this energy.

How can you connect with Universal Energy (God) to control sugar levels?

ManavGuru helps people to connect with Universal Energy (God). Since the year 2000, millions of people have connected with Universal Energy (God) by following ManavGuru’s divine knowledge. All of them received whatever they wanted in their lives and are living an Anandmay Jeevan or Happy Life.

Scientific explanation of connecting with Universal Energy (God)

Universal Energy (God) has a unique vibrational frequency i.e. ‘9’. Every person has energy with some vibrational frequency and the place where the person resides or their workplace also has energy with some vibrational frequency. When both the person and place with respective vibrational frequencies are connected with Universal vibrational frequency i.e. ‘9’ then immediately Universal Energy (God) will be channelized in the body of the person and place. This helps Universal Energy (God) to be supplied to the cells in the body as and when required.
When trillions of cells and the organs in the body get sufficient Universal Energy (God); they become more energized and active. This ensures the smooth functioning of the whole body. As a result every family member starts getting changes physically, mentally, financially, socially and education wise in 9 to 180 days.
Universal Energy (God) also gets supplied to the beta cells which is a type of cell found in pancreatic islets that synthesize and secrete insulin. When beta cells are healthy and strong it produces insulin efficiently. As a result within 9 to 180 days the person starts experiencing positive changes such as:

  1. Sugar levels return to normal and reports will be consistent
  2. The overall health of the person improves in few months
  3. There will be happiness in the family due to absence of diseases

The best way to control diabetes to connect with Universal Energy (God) and to remove the imbalance in the cells in the body for long-term holistic health and wellness.



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