Kidney Stone – Symptoms and Remedy

Kidney Stone – Symptoms and Remedy

What is Kidney Stone or Renal Calculus?

Kidney stones (medical term name renal calculi) are masses of mineral deposits in the kidneys or the bladder area mostly made up of calcium.

The type of kidney stone has direct relation to the cause and the kidney stone remedy:

  • Dehydration
  • Lifestyle issues
  • Lack of sleep
  • Thyroid issues
  • Medications.

Kidney stone is not the outcome of one solid reason, but the risk increases with the increase in the number of factors

Symptoms of the presence of kidney stone can be:

  1. Severe and persistent pain in the back, side of the body, groin or abdominal area
  2. Pain while passing urine/frequent urination/less urination
  3. Severe discomfort during daily routine activity
  4. Vomiting or nausea
  5. Blood in urine, dis-coloured and odorous urine

How does kidney stone pain occur?

When the amount of liquid in the urine is less as compared to the concentration of crystal forming matter (calcium, oxalate and uric acid) and urine loses the ability to prevent the formation of crystals, kidney stones are formed. They vary in sizes and can travel to other parts of the urinary tract. Kidney stone pain rises due to spasms caused by a stone stuck in the ureter and the urine pressure build-up in the kidney.

Smaller kidney stones can be passed naturally. For larger stones, depending on the size, shape, location and strength of the stone, the kidney stone remedy will involve a surgical procedure to break and remove them.

According to ManavGuru, people face health problems like kidney stone when they are disconnected with Universal Energy even though they are surrounded by it all the time.

Is it possible to cure kidney stones permanently?

Yes, it is certainly possible! When the person is connected with Universal Energy, health problems like kidney stone gets easily cured.

What is Universal Energy?

All religious scriptures talk about God. He is the only one who can neither be created nor be destroyed. He is not born and will never die. He is the Supreme Being. God is everywhere in the universe but cannot be seen.

There is a unique energy in this universe that we call Universal Energy. Universal Energy is also everywhere in this universe but cannot be seen.

The characteristics of both God and Universal Energy is the same. Then why don’t we call God as Universal Energy.

Universal Energy is a life force that surrounds us at all times. Universal Energy is known to us by various names such as ‘Vishwashakti’, ‘Pranashakti’, or Cosmic Energy etc.

Where can you connect with Universal Energy?

To connect with Universal Energy, it is not necessary to go to a temple, mosque, church or any other religious place. The place where we spend our maximum time in a day is important.

We spend around 10-12 hours a day in our house and 8-10 hours a day in our workplace. It means that out of 24 hours/day, we spend 20-22 hours/day in both these places i.e. our house and workplace. So these are the two places to connect with Universal Energy.

How can you connect with Universal Energy?

ManavGuru will help you and your family to connect with Universal Energy through his divine knowledge.

Since the year 2000, millions of families are experiencing and leading an Anandmay Jeevan or happy life.

Is there any scientific explanation to this?

Universal Energy has a unique vibrational frequency. Number ‘9’ is the unique high vibrational frequency of Universal Energy. Every person has energy with some vibrational frequency.  The place where the person lives or works also has energy with some vibrational frequency.

When vibrational frequencies of the person and their house/workplace are connected with vibrational frequency of Universe (i.e. ‘9’) then immediately Universal Energy is channelized in the body of the person and place. This results in supply of Universal Energy to trillions of cells in the body when required.

In other words when Universal Energy is channelized in the body of the person, Universal Energy is supplied to trillions of cells in the body and this helps the cells and organs to become more energized and active.

As a result the person starts experiencing positive changes physically, mentally, financially, socially and academically in 9 to 180 days.

Once the connection with Universal Energy is made, then Universal Energy starts to give positive results in such a way that:

  1. There will be no need for surgery
  2. Kidney stone passes naturally and reports will indicate the same
  3. The overall health of the person improves in 9 to 180 days
  4. There will be no occurrence of kidney stone in future
  5. Happiness in the family increases due to absence of diseases


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