Kidney Stone – Symptoms and Remedy

Kidney Stone – Symptoms and Remedy

What is Kidney Stone or Renal Calculus?

Kidney stones (medical term name renal calculi) are masses of mineral deposits in the kidneys or the bladder area. They vary in sizes from a pin-head to a several inches across and can cause severe pain and can travel to other parts of the urinary tract. Majority type of stones are calcium-based.

Smaller kidney stones can be passed naturally. For larger stones, depending on the size, shape, location, and strength of the stone, a surgical procedure to break and remove them may be needed.

The type of kidney stone has direct relation to the cause ranging from dehydration, lifestyle issues, lack of sleep, thyroid issues and medications. Kidney stone is not the outcome of one solid reason, but the risk increases with the increase in the number of factors

  • When the amount of liquid in the urine is less as compared to the concentration of crystal forming matter (calcium, oxalate and uric acid)
  • If the urine loses the ability to prevent the formation of crystals.

Symptoms of the presence of kidney stone can be:

  • Severe and persistent pain in the back, side of the body, groin or abdominal area
  • Pain while passing urine/frequent urination/less urination
  • Severe discomfort during daily routine activity
  • Vomiting and/or nausea
  • Blood in urine, dis-coloured and odorous urine

How do kidney stone pain occur?

The kidney stones are formed because of calcium, oxalate and uric acid. The urine may not have crystal prevention matter helping the crystals clump together. The amount of solid crystal-forming substance is more than the diluting fluid in the urine.

Kidney stone pain rises due to spasms caused by a stone stuck in the ureter and due to the urine pressure build-up in the kidney.

A holistic approach to health management starts with a healing process plan for risk reduction, pain and health maintenance in case of reoccurrence.

There are two common practices followed to treat kidney stone. One is to visit a physician/kidney specialist who will recommend a sonography and will prescribe medicines/tablets or in cases of large stones, a surgery. The focus here is only on treating the body and may be temporary in nature. Chances of reoccurrence are quiet high.

The second type is when natural home remedies are tried in the comfort of homes. Juices, detoxification, reducing salt and sugar intake, eating specific herbs etc. These are long drawn and time consuming. It is not an easy method to observe over longer periods.
But it is advisable to opt for a permanent solution for a complete cure and also to avoid reoccurrence. We must treat not only the body but also we have to take care of our surrounding places like the house/workplace and Universal Energy (God).

When all the three i.e our body, our surrounding and Universal Energy (God) become one, then within the next 9 to 180 days, you start the recovery process. The maximum time for this full recovery is 180 days.

How does ManavGuru’s divine knowledge work scientifically?

  • The energy produced in every human body has its own vibration
  • The place where they reside/work also has its energy and its own vibration
  • Likewise, Universal Energy (God) also has its own vibration

When people, the place where they reside/work are connected to Universal Energy (God) through the respective vibrational frequencies; then Universal Energy (God) is automatically channelized into the body.

Universal Energy (God) works like a guardian and manages the control over the mind and body. Once this occurs, the next phase of life undergoes a transformation and you will start experiencing positive changes in your pain levels within 9 to 180 days.

Summary: ManavGuru’s divine knowledge starts working right from 9th day of implementation. The positive benefits begin by reduction in the kidney stone pain. Initially the medical treatment need not be discontinued. But as the pain reduces and reports start showing the progress you can stop all medicines after consultation with the doctor. The reports are sure to show normal range within 180 days.

What stops us from experiencing the benefits of positive changes with the help of ManavGuru’s divine knowledge right from 9th day of implementation?



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